At Valiant our goal with all of our clients is to keep their brand ideas strong, strong enough to make them memorable. We’re not just in the business of making money, we’re in the business of making history.

On this edition of Brand Stories, they’re going to be talking about Kelly’s Bake Shoppe located in Burlington, open since 2012.

So why did Valiant get called for this job?

Well, Kelly heard about Valiant through Tamp Coffee Co., we used to do ‘free for coffee’ chalk art for them. She noticed our previous work and gave us a shout and said she wanted to do some chalk art for her opening at the bake shoppe. We went ahead and sent a concept to her, and the rest is history.

Then we overheard Kelly talking about an issue they had with their postcards – they weren’t being printed in time for the opening. Todd called up his printer and was like “Can we perform a miracle?” – and his printer said “Yeah.” That’s what got us started on the whole marketing campaign for Kelly’s.

Kelly’s Bake Shoppe Mural

When coming up with a slogan or headline, always be thinking about, “What will people say, years from now?”


The girls at Kelly’s were (and still are) very focused on advertising and are interested in making people remember who they are and what they do. They want people to know they’re both gluten-free and vegan.

This was important because there was a competitor down the street from Kelly’s that was already about a year or two into their business. When trying to come up with a slogan, we said “Well they sell real cupcakes, and you sell gluten-free vegan…” and then we all stopped for a second and we’re like “Actually, your cupcakes are real.”

If you were looking for a better experience, better cupcake, or even a premium experience, just walking into the store you’d notice that everything was super set apart from the competition – way different than anything else that was offered at the time.

The combination of Rony’s hand script and the headline is kind of what set Kelly’s apart from the competition. It was something different from the general notion at the time where businesses would tell us “Just put this in a nice font.” It’s this type of combination that we feel creates a history piece or memorable piece. It’s just not something a competitor can replicate. To do so, they’d have to mimic Rony’s script perfectly. Furthermore, what we said was bold, and what we did was bold, which was painting it on the exterior wall of Kelly’s Bake Shoppe.

Hand lettering was big at the time, but it wasn’t being utilized to its full potential. Instead, everything was driven towards building the company and building the brand.

When clients allow something this bold to be put on their wall or to be put in an ad, it’s great for both parties. With our slogan for Kelly’s, “Real Cupcakes Are Made Here” it was bold, it was a little bit crazy, but it ended up being that memorable quote that Kelly wanted to go with.

When coming up with a slogan or headline, always be thinking about, “What will people say, years from now?” If you think it will have a positive lasting impression it may become something cool and innovative.

Everyone puts a lot of effort into getting their product into the market, getting whatever they’re selling into peoples hands. But unless your cognitive of that history piece, that one thing that’s really going to make your business stand out, then your business is going to be severely missing out.