Valiant Creative Agency is proud to announce the release of our new video narrative series, Brand Stories. The series draws attention on past creative endeavours and provides insight on current projects, primarily focusing on what it takes to create compelling and memorable brands. Narrated by Valiant visionary Chief Creative Officer Todd Neilson, Partner Matt MacDonald,? and Former Creative Director Rony Mikhael, the three industry heavyweights share professional wisdom and reminisce about past experiences.

From a wide range of client experiences to brand-building campaigns and strategies to forming their own internal brands and building Valiant into the innovative force it is today, Todd and Matt provide commentary on what it takes to call yourself a creative and survive in the ad business. They explain how to maintain creative integrity while also operating a successful business model.

With decades of experience between the three, Todd, Matt and Rony provide audiences with invaluable knowledge from their extensive backgrounds in the advertising industry. Join them in their industry adventures, from setbacks to successes and everything in between by subscribing to Valiant’s new video narrative series, Brand Stories.